Thursday, January 24, 2008


Oh I can hardly believe modern technology!! Imagine my complete surprise when i opened my blog and found that someone had left a comment. Now while most are asking themselves what the big deal is--you have to understand that i have told no one about this mystery blog--not the best friends,kids or even the hubby. I am for the most part a pretty reserved person and am conservative in the things that i share and with who. Anyway how do you announce to people that you have a blog--and is this something that anyone would even be intersted in reading? Never mind the fact that when i do something, I like to do it well and at this point i have a steep learning curve in even learning to post (couldn't even remember the pass word today--not a good sign) I would love this to be a place where i can let my creativity show and have this be a place of interest--even if it is just for me right now.

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kariwhiting said...

Wow! Leigh Ann, you have blog and it is very interesting to read. Good for you! We all enjoyed it.
Sheli is questioned the "reserved" comment about you.
Kim, Kari, Sheli, Corey, John,Dallin, and Bryant