Friday, January 25, 2008

Hospitals happen

In life--Hospitals happen--sometimes for the good and sometimes not. We are having one of those days in our family. Mom called earlier this afternoon to tell me that my baby brother's (O.k. so he's in his mid 30's but he will always be the baby of the family) wife's water had broken and they were on the way to the hospital. Yah that's the good--we are very excited (as i know my brother and sis in law are) for the arrival of their first baby--supposed to be a girl and her name will be Emily or M. Then later in the afternoon i got a call from Dr.Jones office---in my mind i went through all the doctors we have on speed dial and came up with two possibilities--neither of which was right because it was my mom's doctor and they were calling to tell me that they were transporting her by ambulance because she was having chest pains and trouble breathing. So being at work and unable to get to the hospital i did the next best thing and rallied the troops and got my husband and brother to check on her and give her a blessing. They had some nice brother-in-law bonding time until i got their just after 10pm. They decided to admit her and keep and eye on her SAT levels--nothing too major thank goodness. We had some very nice nurses and i stayed around until she got settled in her room. I just got home and as i pulled up to my home i had the wonderful discovery of finding the front yard T-PEED--i am thrilled to death(NOT) i never really realized what i good yard we had for that. I will have to post pictures because they did a very artistic job--right down to wrapping the rake(i know its not really a rake but i can't think of the correct word--after all it is 2 in the morning--) I am just hoping that the rain that is predicted for today will wait until the toilet paper is removed by my children. Also i went ahead and called my brother on the way home just to check in--=still no baby--Karen is at an 8 so i am thinking by 6am i should have a new niece.
As i am writing this i am listening to my 11 year old snoring like a big dog---i will have to warn his wife about that one in the future--it's not a pretty thing--but with a face like that who couldn't help but overlook such a small but noisy flaw.


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