Thursday, April 2, 2009

calgon take me away

Living in AZ we have what is called
I don't really think that much about it--
it is just apart of my life.
I know people that pay for the luxury of soft water...
I am not one of them...
I have found that you can actually tell the age of a toilet by the number of calcium rings that are built up in it...
and your shower head can diminish to a drip--and not long after there will be a sign posted that says--beware of falling rocks.
YES, we have HARD water.
We don't drink our water--at least not out of the tap.
That is an idea that is so appalling to us--
it is as if you were asking us to drink out of the toilet...
you just don't do it--
I forget that in other parts of the country they actually turn on their taps and partake of the wet goodness that pours from it--somehow that is such a foreign idea where I come from. And then if we do drink water that is not bottled it must be had with plenty of lemon--after all the acid helps break down the build up.
I also forget that you don't need as much soap--and that soap actually bubbles up without too much effort--
As much as people would want to sell me on idea of soft water
I am not sure i am such a fan--
as i was showering today i could not get past my slimy feeling--
and that was before and after i had used the mighty bubbling soap.
The water was too soft--
I didn't feel clean....
I guess i have just become hardened by my hard water--
Plus i like the way my skin looks all dry and pasty white afterwards...

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