Monday, April 6, 2009


Sorry about the "potty" talk yesterday.
My husband informed me that the last entry was TMI--
as in Too Much Information.
I guess you shouldn't say Pee in your own toilet--WHOOPS--did it again.
But let's be honest here--can we? Just for a minute?

Anyone who has spent time away and had to use a variety of public facilities knows what i am talking about. For guys it is not that big of a deal because they don't have to sit and relax every time they want/need to go--
us girls on the other hand....
And what about the lines? Have you ever been somewhere where 99.999% of the people there are woman? It makes for long lines--and when i need to go i don't like to have to wait. And if any of you are Sienfeld fans--sometimes the moment passes--(I did try to find a clip of that on YouTube-but to no avail)

So my apologies for using the potty talk again...sometimes i just write what is on my mind--sometimes it is the simple pleasures in life that you need to go without in order to appreciate their true value....

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