Wednesday, April 1, 2009

St.Louis here I come

I am off.
I am having a hard time believing it is here.
As i walked out the door i yelled to my kids--
"I am outta here"
No response....
I at least expected a response from little man--he usually freaks out when i go around the corner without him--but nothing...
"Isn't any one going to say anything to me?"
I did get a "Bye mom"--from a far off distance from my oldest son--
is it a good thing that they are so self sufficient that the are able to get along with out me?

The daughter dropped me off at the airport...
and quickly pulled away.
Has it really only been 2 weeks since i was boarding the plane with my kiddo's?

I was feeling pretty good that my husband had gotten me #19A
found out my girlfriend was #20A.
Getting your boarding passes is a game on Southwest--trying to get the lowest #--
and we felt rather proud of ourselves--until we found out that there were only 28 people on the flight. Are you kidding me--we were in the last half of the numbers--nothing impressive about that. In the end there were 35 people on our flight---i think we each had several rows to ourselves--doesn't happen very often--but i really appreciate it when it does--especially since we didn't arrive until after midnight and finally got to our hotel around 2 in the of many late nights with lack of sleep.

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