Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update on POCC

Once again I was on the receiving end of the POCC breaking down.
What? Is this like a weekly occurrence? Is it only after i pick up little man and on my way home for therapy with him that the car decides to die in the middle of the road?
Once again i found myself jumping out of the car to push start it and get on my way. My little man was freakin' out when i did this...I was freakin' out--well not freaking out just really really irritated! I placed a call with to my husband venting my frustration---
WHY! oh WHY--ME?
He had told me that he had fixed the problem--and he had. I mean he fixed the problem at the time--only it was not the only problem. I had been asking--are you sure it is not the alternator? To which the response was--NO, just the battery. I dropped little man off and pushed started the car to go to work--I was almost there and then the car started acting really crazy. I was a couple blocks from my work and i literally chug chugged my way into the parking lot. Again i placed a call to my husband to tell him what was going on and I was sure that i had ruined the car. He came after work and worked his magic
--and guess what--
He had it fixed and ready for me to drive by the time i finished work--such a relief to know that i will actually make it home--safely....

Now if i can just get by next Tuesday without having to push the car i will be happy

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