Thursday, March 26, 2009

update on feeling old

After feeling sore before i went to bed last Thursday night i didn't hold out much hope for Friday morning. I really figured i would be stiff and sore--and was pleasantly surprised when i was able to hop right out of bed Friday morning. The only thing i could figure was that is was all the Naproxin I had taken the night before. My husband who had also played had not taken the drugs prior to bed and was sore the next morning. I was feeling a tad bit of superiority that i was indeed not sore. I have found any time you have that attitude it comes back to bite you in the butt--and boy was i bit!--but days later

Did i mention that i had also slid that night?--well sorta--if you want to call it a slide. It was really ugly and caused me to cut my knee open--just a little bit of blood was involved. I don't know why i did a feet first slide--i didn't like sliding like that when i was young and in shape--I much preferred the face first-arms out in front of me slide--but that night i sat on my butt and let my feet take me into the base. Did i mention the blood? Not that it was even worthy of mentioning. A few days later i was in the shower and i noticed how dirty my knee was--I got my scrubby out and loaded it up with soap and proceeded to clean of my dirty knee--only to realize that my dirt was actually a bruise. A big bruise at that. I felt my pain was worthy of a picture--have you ever tried to take a picture of your knee? It is not an easy feat--at first camera had the flash on--

which made my white legs look even whiter.Never mind the focus issue...don't you love picture of my babies up in the corner--that actually is in focus--my how they have grown...
Now the entire picture is out of focus--but you can kinda see what i thought was dirt--which without my glasses it was kinda blurry in real life--so you can see how i could make that mistake

Taking a picture of your knee is not natural--it causes you to become a contortionist--which i think contributed to my muscle aches--where were my children when i needed them?

Fast forward a few days. I had been feeling so good and figured that i had missed the achy stiff boat, so i quit taking the Naproxin. The aches and pains came a few days later--and come with a vengeance. I was reminded every time i bent over and had to squat. Do you have any idea how often you need to use your quads? They were reminding me constantly.I don't know if i can blame all the aches on my running last week--maybe pushing the car has something to do with my pain.

Tonight was windy and cold. When i say windy i mean WINDY--as in--close the airport kind of wind. I had already been out in the wind--and had felt that i had had enough of the weather.I would have been content to have stayed home--warm and snug in my bed. It wasn't just the chilliness of the wind that was bothering me--it was all the crap (AKA known as pollen)that was blowing around me that i wanted to avoid as well.

My husband convinced me to bite the bullet and go anyway. I should have stretched--but it hurt, so i didn't. Plus it was cold and i wanted to stay all warm and cozy.Tonight i figured i would be fine. Yes, I was a bit sore--but i have always managed to put it together when i needed to. I was the first in the line up--no pressure there--especially when a much younger guy who happened to be the first base coach told me--that he wanted me on first--he didn't care how i got there--just make it happen. I am not one to stand up there and take pitches--I want to hit--and i did, a ground ball to third. I took of--willing my legs to move--but they quickly shut down any idea i had of running much farther. My quads were screaming at me--as in--"You are not going anywhere fast"--kind of scream. They were barking at me in pain--serious pain. The kind of pain that hurts so bad you want to throw up (only i don't throw up--but it was bad!)

Needless to say i was thrown out--only after any hope of having any pride left was thrown out also.I hobbled off to sit in the stands--I was done for the night. I was like my car--not going anywhere fast. As things get older they just don't work as well as they used to--has my warranty expired?--Maybe i need to be better about doing maintenance on this body of mine and it won't break down when i need it.....

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