Wednesday, March 25, 2009

belly buttons

The brain is a funny thing....
it is amazing the things that spark random memories
and since this is my journal of sorts and my memory was sparked today
i am going to share one of those random bits with you

Several years ago when our church boundaries had changed I was attending a Relief Society function. They passed around a sheet of paper that they wanted us to fill out with general information about yourself. At the end they had the question that always plagues me---"Tell us something about yourself that no one knows"--I find that question very daunting. If no one knows something about me it is because i don't want them to know that little nugget--usually it involves something embarrassing--not that i am easily embarrassed. I was stumped.....Not wanting to leave it blank i racked my brain to come up with something...HMMMM what to write? Thinking that this was for the presidency to get to know us better and being in a silly/sarcastic mood i finally came up with something that cracked me up. I wrote down
"I like to make pictures from belly button lint"
HAAAAHHAAHAH--it made me laugh just thinking about it. I turned in my sheet and never gave another thought about it....

Months went by and i forgot about my goofy getting to know you entry...
One Sunday they passed out a directory with every ones picture,name and general information. Included in this information was this little bit of unknown information about yourself for all the church ladies to see. I had forgotten what i had written--so I was curious to read what others had included about themselves. When i got to myself i about died--did they think i had been serious?--Apparently so, because right there for the whole world to see was my sarcastic bit of information about my belly button lint picture making. Here is the real funny thing--I don't have belly button lint--rarely if ever--but that is not what they are thinking now.

I learned my lesson--sort of--you should be careful of the things you put in writing--you never know when they will come back to haunt you....

Today I was reminded of the whole belly button fiasco as i was bonding with little man before school. We were hanging out watching cartoons before the bus came. Most days it is just back ground noise but today something caught my attention.

Some things just crack me up--
like the words belly button lint....
there is just something that just strikes me as funny.
Who knew that they could do an entire episode about belly buttons and the lint contained there in....

apparently it was
National belly button day on this Cartoon.
An entire episode dedicated to the belly button and the things contained there in.
They had the bionic belly button competition--where you can shoot a target.
(I am so disappointed that i am NOT that talented)
Like all good writing there must be conflict and then resolution--
Here is what happened
The big belly button lint competition is about to start
"someone stole my belly button lint"someone cried out
(Are you kidding me-who could do such a thing--what are they teaching our children?)
Then the next character replied
"every ones belly button lint is stolen!"
to which the level headed thinker of the group replied
"Why would someone want every ones belly button lint--its just not normal"
(such truth and honesty--why would anyone want someone elses lint I ask you??)
I was cracking up--the dialogue was classic--
after they found the belly button lint stealers
(It was the blue squirrels who wanted it because it was soft and warm)
they were able to get it back
(after promising to knit them sweaters and scarves and blankets out of when they were done with the contest)
After the winner of the largest amount of belly button lint was declared, one of the girls said
"That much belly button lint is not normal--we should have known it would be difficult to get that much belly button lint from an outie"
Such words of wisdom....

By the way if you google belly button it is amazing at the number of random things that will pop up--many artistic refrences to BBL (belly button lint) or BBF (belly button fuzz)

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