Friday, March 6, 2009

One more thing I want to fit in

I got a call last night...
It was from my friend who moved to China
and it was NOT a long distant call.!
She happened to be in town on a quick visit
Unexpected (funerals have a way of doing that)
and wanted to know if i wanted to go with her to the temple in the morning.
Well YES--
I wanted to--
I wanted to see her
and i knew i should make the time to go to the temple
but in the back of my mind I was thinking-
"you still haven't packed-
and what about cleaning the house?"
I felt overwhelmed with the things i still needed to do
I really wanted to see my friend....
I knew i should go to the temple...
(especially after hearing how far my friend now has to travel to attend the temple--and here i have one in my backyard and i take it for granted)
and in the back of my mind i kept telling myself that i would be blessed....
trying to justify this in my schedule
my busy over flowing too many things left to do schedule
I opened my mouth thinking i should say
and out came a
As i was saying it
I couldn't really believe the words I was saying
was i crazy?--
did i really have the time to do this?
could i possibly add one more thing to my insanely busy week before i left on vacation?
Again the idea that it would all work out
and i would be blessed came to my mind.

After a night of restless sleep,
thinking of the many things i needed to do.
I beat the alarm up and jumped in the shower
knowing that i had little time to waste today.
My girlfriend picked me up
and being in my rush i forgot my clothes for the temple
It was so much fun catching up with her
as if no time had passed.
We had an enjoyable time at the temple
and even managed to squeeze in some Mexican food afterward (something she has been craving since leaving the US--somehow she has yet to find good Mexican restaurant in China--go figure...)

It was a great morning--
and the best part is that everything worked out that day.
I was able to attend the temple
visit with a friend
I managed to get packed
and was ready before i needed to be.
We all walked out the door...
on time
and the day went off without a hitch.

Now i know
i was blessed
My children took care of a lot
They packed themselves and even packed for little man.
My daughter picked up the house
and my husband had done laundry earlier in the week
so we would all have something to wear.
Blessings come in many shapes and sizes
I am just thankful that i have a houseful of blessings
that gave me the opportunity to spend some time at the temple with my friend.

UPDATE: After returning home i walked into an even cleaner house--those things that had been left undone were now done. The cleaning fairies in the form of mothers had joined forces and came and worked together. It was so nice to come home to.

Again, I AM BLESSED in so many ways

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Lee said...

I just saw this! It took me forever to get over my fatigue after getting back, so I'm just now getting caught up on my friends' blogs! Glad I found this post, and even more glad that we were able to spend some time together, especially at the temple. I'm happy everything worked out, because I know I was blessed by getting to go to the Temple that day, and having you to go with made it that much better. You're the best!