Monday, March 30, 2009

museum quality pictures--NOT

I have some children who shy away from the camera--
I have to sneak in a picture when i can--
these are the shy children i am talking about
always turning away when the camera is focused on them
I think i captured their best side--rather cheeky i would say

Wait-- that is someone else's children who were defacing the museum as we were walking through--remember how nice i told you the weather was--people were running around the museum half naked. Actually they were not running--they appeared frozen like they were statues or something--showing an early display of tagging--only to move when we looked away...

but then i have this child--
who recently has loved the camera pointed her way

and would encourage picture taking any chance she got.
(I will show you some of my favorite photo shoots with her in future posts)
"mom take my picture"
i would hear her periodically say, and since she was my museum buddy, i did.

There is nothing like standing in the mouth of a shark--even if it is just the bones--just the fact that they can swallow you whole--GULP.
I felt bad that my other children did not have these random pictures--but they didn't want to hang with me. I like to actually read about the things i am seeing and have been known to be slow in my viewing---truly taking it all in. They did take pictures of each other--

Unfortunately they were not as "focused" on composition--maybe because i was sporting the more expensive camera--or maybe because my companion was soooo willing....although i will say that some of the museum lighting made photography interesting...that and the glass that much of it was behind.

The concept seemed like a great idea at the time--me taking a picture of my daughter taking a picture of the HOPE diamond--but i think the glass was a bit to thick to make it work

And in case there is any doubt that i actually was along for the trip--as if all the pictures i took was not enough----my son documented my role on the trip--looking at my life through a camera lens--

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