Saturday, March 14, 2009

A week ago

Time just keeps moving on--
often it is only when you reflect back that you realize how quickly time moves--
Has it really only been a week that we were starting out on our vacation?

Last Saturday night found us all together here....

It is one of my favorite buildings--so beautiful in the distance--rising up from the trees--

and even more beautiful up close.

The DC temple has always been a favorite of mine--
I had the opportunity to go there when i was young and I had wanted to get married there...but while temples might vary in architecture the truths that are taught inside are all the same...

I loved walking around the grounds with my kids--
seeing the awe as they looked up at the spires pointing up to heaven.

The building appeared to be glowing in it's simplistic beauty--

simply stating its purpose as well...
the house of the lord--
holiness to the lord--
stated on each and every temple...

We have a Christus in our visitor center as well--
I love the fact he is standing there
with his arms open
to welcome all to come unto him

It was the first time i had all my teenagers together with us at the temple
It was a great experience--such a beautiful place,
with a peaceful spirit, and definitely a highlight to our trip

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