Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The new breakfast foods

I love March 17th
St Patricks day..
the one day of the year that i know what i will be having for dinner
Most nights it is any ones guess what we will be eating
but on St. Patty's day
we know we will be having
Corned Beef,Cabbage and Potatoes can i get a YUMMY from the crowd?
Of course that is what you eat on St. Patty's day
unless you are in Tucson
at KFC enjoying chicken,coleslaw and MASHED potatoes with potato sauce
(in some crowds potato sauce is called GRAVY)
I think that is the English version of St. Patty's day--
whatever the case--
I missed my meal--
but my dear sweet husband made me a plate
and had it waiting for me when i arrived home.
Unfortunately it was almost 11pm
and the time for eating had passed...
so i gently placed my plate in the fridge...
to await me for breakfast today
Who said Corned beef and Cabbage is just for dinner anymore?

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