Sunday, March 8, 2009

just one more hour

I am good at basic math.

add two hours to any time on my watch at that is the current given time where i am at--
(minus 15 minutes because my watch is fast)
Yes i know this adds a tad bit of confusion

but I can handle this addition--
and subtraction

it is not so hard to adjust to when you are traveling
two hours ahead isn't so bad--
Midnight east coast time is 10 pm my time which is a reasonable time to go to bed
that is unless you happen to be there when the time jumps ahead....

living in AZ we do not have to worry about changing our clocks
we don't recognize daylights saving time
coming or going--
and for that fact i am grateful.
Honestly we don't need one more hour of daylight in the summer...
Plus I never have to worry about if i remembered to change my watch, clocks, microwave etc...
although my phone has a mind of its own and will switch according to the area I am in.

Phones are like that--
always wanting to fit in

Not like my watch which only changes if i make it
which i don't--
my watch will always remain on my current time (plus 15 min faster)
and i will be content to do the math.

Only problem is
instead of the two hours that i had planned on working with
we got to jump ahead an additional hour--
I lost an hour of my vacation
because day light savings time happened to leap forward
while i was on the east coast
so now the basic math involved three hours.
Somehow three hours kinda throws me for a loop--
maybe the problem is when i have to get up at 6am east coast time
I know in my heart of hearts that it is really 3am
I don't do 3am--unless i have stayed up all night
and i am starting to figure out that i am getting to old to do that anymore
Even getting up at 7am east coast time is hard
it seems like a reasonable hour
until I realize it is really 4am my time
this is ridiculous
but if you want to squeeze everything in
concessions must be made
sleep must be lost
after all
that is what the flight home is for--
catching up on lost sleep

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