Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wrestling with a cushion

I am sore today--
the all over achy kind of sore--
the kind of sore that leaves your hands hurting--
and wondering exactly how old you actually are?
all because of an upholstery project--
who knew that stuffing a pillow could be so difficult.

Last night found me wrestling with a cushion that was larger than myself.
I knew it was going to be and event--just because of the sheer size--
It was like trying to squeeze wide hips into a small waisted pair of jeans
while it is possible it does take some twisting and contorting...

the injuries were limited
and i did come out victorious

not that you can tell by the look on my face--that is a look of exhaustion

Last night found me finishing this up this project--

I had planned on having it done before i left for DC
but an over scheduled life and several hic-ups left me wondering if i was going to get it done--Plus she had asked me to update it by adding nail heads

it is one of those things that takes time--
and can be a bit frustrating--
with the spacing and keeping them straight and all...

i was feeling stressed--

I knew my time was limited last week
and the one day that i had a chunk of time to actually work on it ended up being chopped into pieces. A friend called needing a ride to an appointment--so i dropped what i was doing and went to get her. I kept thinking how was i going to get this finished? I kept telling myself that i would be blessed for helping out this friend, but i was left wondering how i was going to get it done. I knew that there were just not enough available hours in the up coming days for me to accomplish what i needed to do....

I had told the owner that i would have it done by Friday morning like i had promised
(some how, some way i would figure out a way to get it done)
She then she said that they were going out of town Thursday night...
at that point i knew it was not going to happen before i left and it took the stress off of me...
for a moment anyway...Nothing like coming back from vacation to finish a project.

But finished it is/was
--delivered and out of my house--
One less thing to worry about...

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