Thursday, March 12, 2009

Overview of Washington DC

I am going to apologize now--
I am sorry...
but if you read my blog with any regularity you will be inundated with pictures and information regarding our trip to DC recently.

Kinda like watching someone elses vacation video's
only i didn't take any video's
just lots of pictures
and memories....

I had planned to blog about it as it was happening
but i didn't.
I was tired when the night rolled around
and slept better than i have slept in a long time...

was it the bed?

the pillow?

or the fact that i was moving the entire day?

Whatever the case, I was sad to have to come home and sleep in my own bed....

If you have never been to Washington DC,
I am here to tell you that it is a must see city.
If you have any affinity for history
or a love of this country
or just like seeing a TON of stuff
this is the place for you.
There is truly something for everyone.
We played the "What was your favorite part of the trip game" last night at dinner


  • the boys (young and old) loved the air and space museum--both of them,although the one by the airport edged out the one on the mall

  • Middle child loved going to the temple

  • Oldest loved the Lincoln and Korean memorial and the Museum of Natural history (or as she said--"the one with all the animals")

  • Myself-HMMM--I loved the white house--not the tour so much but for the fact of all the history that took place within the walls--and then i loved the architecture that was present throughout the city--and I really enjoyed the peace of Arlington and....I really could go on--not much that I didn't like---I LOVE history and bringing it to life--actually my mostest favoritest was probably Gettysburg--could have spent WAY more time there.

Least Favorite:

  • the boys (again young and old) The White House--to quote the youngest "that was dumb" and my hubby felt like we were herded--and the oldest son got wand-ed coming in.....note for future trips to the white house--DO NOT wear big honking belt buckles that set of metal detectors.
  • Hubby liked the Holocaust museum alright but felt like it was four floors of death--which was a valid description. We both walked away from it with the knowledge that our little man probably would have been put to death under their requirements--It made me sad to think about it. It was also really crowded at first,as in really...brought back images of what it must have been like riding in the trains to the camps--which about did me in but eventually the crowds did dissipate and you could breath and move about on your own free will.
  • All the walking on the last day made the least favorite list--just because we walked from Washington's monument--to the Vietnam--then Lincolns--then the Korean and then we walked memorial bridge to Arlington and then around Arlington. OK, It was a TON of walking--the only thing that would have made it better would have been a Segway.
  • Because of a real fear of heights--Washington's monument made my oldest daughters list, although she did like the view from the bottom
  • watching the piranhas be fed
  • Hershey Factory--although it did give us some yummy snacks to carry us through the trip

It is amazing how much we saw is such a short period of time--and yet so much we didn't see. We fit in a ton, but have left plenty for another trip another day--probably for my kids to do with their kids someday...

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