Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Routine

I don't know about you---but i am a creature of habit. There are certain routines that take place in my life. Maybe it is a particular food combination--i cannot eat Mexican food without a soda--just can't--it is wrong i say--just WRONG. I need to watch the news in the morning before i start the day--and now that i e-mail--i like to read those before i am off.

More than any other routine I am particular about is the route i might take when i am driving to a particular location. Maybe it is because i drive so many places--but i have a routes that i take to avoid certain things--like railroad tracks or speed humps--or at certain times of day--traffic. Also in my bus there are routes i take because I can not make certain turns without checking the curb--it is either the curb or the car facing me and while i do make those drivers nervous i do opt for the curb when i have to. There is a small problem with checking the curb--on occasion the poles are close to the curb--and busses have been known to take them out--as seen here in the pictures in Washington.

I couldn't figure out where our cross walk sign had gone to--it had been there in the morning and now it was missing--until we saw it laying on the ground still working...
and then noticed the bus with the broken back window. --talk about something to ruin your day.
How would you have liked to have been the person who was sitting in that seat?

Not that this has happened to me--but it could if i take the wrong with this in mind this is why I have certain routes in mind especially when i am driving my bus....

Often times my car just sorta drives me to where i am going without a whole lot of thought from me. On occasion it has been known to drive me to the wrong place--those are always fun trips-especially with the kids in the car. They wait to see how long it will take you to figure out that you are going the wrong way--and then casually mention (not to scare me out of my driving trance) that this was not the pool that they were swimming at today--or that i was going to the wrong school....

Almost 8 years ago we changed church buildings and that was an adjustment. Our cars were programed to go a certain direction on Sundays. One time after we had been going to our new building for quite awhile my husband pulled out heading toward the other building. In a quiet voice (not to break thee "fast-Sunday i haven't eaten and can't think for myself trance") I casually mentioned to him--"Honey, which building are you going to?" He then realized the error in his ways and turned the car around, all the while mumbling under his voice "I forgot".

Now that i have multiple drivers in my family we rarely all ride to church together. We leave the house in waves of readiness. This Sunday found me the last one out the door--this is not an unusual occurance--except that i was alone. As i was driving to church my automatic pilot failed me. All of a sudden i turned the corner and in my mind i was lost. This was NOT my usual path to the building. I found myself questioning where i was--was it truly Sunday? This was not my Sunday route. My Sunday route has me making all right turns and parking in the front and entering on the west side of the building--it is my routine--and here i was deviating from it. AHHH SATAN was trying to lead me astray--that had to be it--why else would i have come in on the wrong side....the universe was off balance...when i figured out where i was and that yes it was indeed Sunday--I figured out that i could do a U-turn and quickly turn my self around and at least park in the right spot. (I love parking my dirty junkie car right up in the front so everyone that drives by our church says "Those Mormons must be REAL humble people to go to church in that"--I think i might put a bumper sticker on it that says--"my other vehicle is a covered wagon"--that way people would know that this was indeed an upgrade) Anyway I did go in the right door and i sat in our normal seat--thank goodness for some regularity--although it took me a few minutes to realize that i was saving a seat for my oldest and as i was looking at her sitting on the stand-waiting to give her talk-it finally dawned on me that she would not be sitting with us today. WHERE IS MY MIND? Can i blame these moments on Allergy pills?

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middle age mormon mother said...

I think you can blame it on anything you'd like to. Allergy pills are a good scapegoat, they certainly make me spacey. I remember once I was driving Eric Urry to McClintock and then I was going to the temple. I got on the freeway and drove right past the McClintock exit (I was heading for the temple). I'm sure Eric thought I was trying to kidnap him and you have to go a long way to make a u-turn after that mistake. My kids are use to my "scenic routes" but I think they scare the neighbor's kids.