Wednesday, March 4, 2009

URINE town--my review

Don't you just love the title
the subtle play on words?
Get it--
URINE town....
Your in town--

OK, seriously though it did make me laugh.
This is a play that Marcos De Niza is putting on this week and i am here to say;
"if you have a spare moment and an extra $8.00
it is worth it!!!"
I don't often encourage people to attend high school plays
most of the time the only reason i go is in support of someone in it--
and initially that is what got me to this one--
but if i had the chance i would see it again....
it really was that good!
I kept sitting there thinking
"this is really a high school play?"
The set was great
The costumes amazing
and the music super...
they actually had leads that could sing
and the dancing was superb!
Seriously i have seen bad and i have seen good
but this was GREAT!
It is spoof on other musical
and very much tongue in cheek humor--
but the production value is amazing.

I loved the name of the company that ran all the public toilets
they liked to refer to themselves as the U.G.C.
otherwise known as
Urine Good Company
get it
URINE Good Company?

OK, sorry we all know how i like potty humor....
but seriously take the time and invest in a few hours of laughter...
I guarantee you it will put a smile on your face

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