Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday night sleeping

When the weekend rolls around things get lax around here. Those are days where routine it thrown out the window. When it comes to bed times there is no such thing-and when it comes to an actual bed that is relative. This is a sight that might be found on any given weekend night.

little man finally just gave up and curled up on the floor. His head was covered with the blanket but he is so cute when he sleeps that i had to uncover him. He doesn't even mind sleeping on the vacuum hose. He is the one child i can still manhandle to bed--so he doesn't stay on the floor. He has been known to wake up during the night and wander--and we like to control some of his destructiveness by at least containing him.

The others not so much--where they crash they stay
Take this cute punk who curled up under the beanbag. Who says there is a right way to lounge on the chaise? He wanted a view of the TV and this was how he was able to obtain it...I keep thinking i am going to get rid of the beanbag but it is so multi-purpose...
Isn't that just the sweetest face--
so innocent--
so quiet--
rarely does that happen when he is awake so i have to take advantage and document that it does exist--even if it is only when he is asleep....

and here is my oldest--who happened to be home this night hanging out with his brothers.He thinks just because he is a teenager he has to say up late, but in reality his time clock is set for mornings. He has always been the one who would put himself to bed when he got tired--until now. He fights it--trying to stay up late. More often than not find him crashed on the couch during the week as well--but on those nights i kick him up to bed.

I love my boys--they are so sweet when they are sleeping. They are growing up so fast--and while they sleep they are getting older--changing before my eyes. I am just grateful that i can freeze them for a moment in time--even if it is only on film....

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