Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My take on the biggest loser

I don't have a lot of time to just sit and watch TV
most of the TV that i do watch is online late at night
my kids along with many people i know are hooked on
The Biggest Loser.
I have caught it out of the corner of my eye on occasion
but have never sat and watched with concentrated interest
until tonight....

Here are my thoughts--for what they are worth

the continuing recaps drive me crazy--seriously do we have to remind us of what happened just before we went to a commercial? I know my short term memory is not what it used to be but seriously?! Do they think the drama that they are trying to create makes us forget what just happened? And do we really need to go to a commercial every time they are about to announce their weight? Let's cut some of the fat out of the show and lose a few minutes and condense it to an hour--I think we would still get the gist of what they are trying to do

Felt like i was watching an infomercial for Jennie-O marinated chicken along with Britta and various other things

I don't like the pictures with the shirts off--I think they do that for shock value--I am shocked--so glad that they weighed in with their shirts on tonight. I don't like to see my own pastie skin...

Allison-I wanted to fix her many necklaces/chains. Every time they would show her they were a tangled mess. It was all i could do to continue to watch it--I can't even begin to tell you how much it bothered me--feeling a bit OCD after that.

Filipe--he has a great smile and when he talked about his dad--AHHHH--it warmed my heart. I love the fact that when he found out he was up for elimination he made the comment that he
Looked for the sunshine in things--he had still lost 4 lbs and that was good and anywhere else that would be worth celebrating. We all need to celebrate the good in our lives and look for that silver lining--even when things are not working out as planned or the situation is not the best.

I love the love that Mike and Ron have for each other. The fact that the dad could not celebrate his loss because he was worried about his son being eliminated--and the fact that Mike was torn up about that--it was tender. What great support for each other.

I don't think Jillian seems real sincere--but then again i don't watch that often--although when you hear my kids debate about who gives the better workouts she is mentioned because she is not nice...Bob is a softy (again according to my kids) Also i think she need to wear a bra or atleast one that does not make her look so "nippy" for all the world to see.

I think Tara wanting to quit was scripted. Looked fake to me--I think she did have a valid reason to feel picked on--and i was glad to see her slow and steady win the race attitude--you don't have to be the fastest just the one that continues to work toward your goal--and eventually you will get there--becoming victorious.

Thought it was cool that Kristen lost 100 lbs-that is amazing--I hope she continues. I like her hair (although opinions differ in my house) I think she has a cute personality--has a great smile.

I am not sure that this will become one of my regularly viewed shows--it was interesting for an evening--but 2 hours--come on. If you condense it i might consider it--but then again...
I already am the biggest loser--I am constantly losing things--do i need to be reminded of the fact? Maybe i should have taken those two hours and done something productive--maybe in order to watch the show you should have to peddle a bike or walk on a tread mill in order to keep your TV running. I know it would directly impact the amount of TV i was watching--I did notice that at the campus there wasn't a whole lot of TV watching going on--Activity is the key--we know it--I know it--and yet--kinda lacking that whole motivation thing--just not feeling it--although i am feeling the extra weight...from sitting on my butt for 2 hours watching mindless TV.....

(All names were supplied by those in the house that actually do watch it--so if there wrong i am not accountable)

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middle age mormon mother said...

I have watched the Biggest Loser for a couple of seasons now but this season it seems like I have had something almost every Tuesday night and so I haven't tuned in nearly as much. I have kind of followed the recaps on the web and that takes a lot less time and still gives me the basic information. The thing I have hated about seasons in the past was all the back bitting, sneaky, hateful, mean stuff that went on. It doesn't seem like they have that problem this season which I like. I do love the sweet family moments, truly detest the shirtless weigh ins, but can't say that I have noticed Alyson's necklaces. Erin Willis and I enjoy eating our ice cream while we watch. I wish it motivated me to ride an exercise bike instead. It is truly amazing to me how much weight they can lose. I also like to see the contestants mindset about exercise change. Losing weight is such a mental exercise as well as physical.