Sunday, April 5, 2009

I am home

Nothing like being able to go pee in your own toilet to make you feel at home.

The length of any trip is in direct relation to the number of public facilities you end up having to use....and since i was in a more humid state i did not evaporate the fluid from my body like i do when i am home in the "dry" heat--there fore that meant many potty stops.....Like i said "it is good to be home."

I do love to travel and visit different areas. I love teaching and i had great classes. It is funny how some people just "freeze" when they have to stand in front of a group of people...The only problem with being at the front of the room--"the center of attention"--so to speak is that you have to be "ON". So for two days i was happy, smiley and cheerful--which is usually how i am--just not on a CONSTANT basis. By the time i was leaving--I AM DONE. I want to be in my own little world. Nothing personal--but on the plane i want my space--all 16 inches of it--to myself.

We had an awesome flight on the way out there--we had rows and rows to ourselves--which by the way is one advantage to being a shorter person--I was actually able to lay down--crash and burn. So spoiled....that was not the case on the way home today. It was a very full flight--so full that one of the last couples to get on was disappointed that they could not sit together....are you kidding me---"NO,nobody is giving up there seats so you can sit together." sad..sit down and lets get going. So i was the lucky one and got the woman...she waited until we were pulling away from the gate and then told the flight attendant that she wanted/needed her jacket from the bin up above. She was told she was going to have to wait....It is not that i want to be rude--I just really don't want to talk to anyone (unless i know them and even then today i just wanted to sleep) So here i was next to this stranger that wanted to be sitting next to her husband--and i would have preferred she had. Maybe he wouldn't have minded being elbowed in the ribs--it was rather irritating to me. I kept trying to meld myself into the window--attempting to get away from her pointy sharp elbow without coming unglued. Am i being punished for not wanting to make friends? She was not a big woman--just a little greedy with the center space--made me feel like i was home already--fighting for my space....AHHH only a few more hours till it is a reality. I did manage to sleep a bit--before the woman felt the need to get up--shaking the entire seat and about hitting me--I just kept telling myself she had no clue--should i have said something?...I decided not to--just kept my mouth shut waiting my time out....

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