Sunday, December 14, 2008

Distractions or lack of respect and courtesy

My mother in law was singing in the Messiah tonight. She invited us to attend--and we obliged as a family. She is always so good about supporting us and our children that it wasn't even a question about the kids going. It was enjoyable---BUT.....
I had a hard time just sitting back and enjoying it for what it was--

Could it have been the young and in love couple in front of us--that couldn't keep their eyes off of each other--or their hands/arms etc... Maybe the way they were snuggling and were so lovey dovey that distracted me? --As if they were melting into one person with two heads--no air space was available between them. I think at one point i threw up in my mouth--yes,it was a tad bit nauseating.

Perhaps it was the cute little toddler with her blond hair and curls in her purple footed pajamas that was distracting---or could it have been the fact that she was running around--sliding across the floor--saying UH-Oh before she threw her hard sippy cup on the floor and proceeded to kick it around?Or watching her to make sure that she didn't get her fingers smashed as she played with the door...Really distracting....

And then there were the kids behind us--they were there to watch their mom who was singing--I found this out as they were loudly talking. Does the word WHISPER mean anything to anyone anymore? And then in trying to keep them quiet they had brought color pencils-which proceeded in a discussion about which one they wanted--again LOUD--and can i just say that pencils make quite the noise when they drop on the floor--ALOT.

I realize that the majority of my children are older--and i have already spent my time wrestling with them--but i still have a small one--and he has special needs. I am trying to teach him to be reverent and respectful--but it is hard when those around you are not trying to do the same. He really learns by example and i was rather frustrated that the example he was given was less than stellar. I know it is hard to keep kids quiet and reverent--but they need to be taught!
As a society i think we are losing respect and courtesy for others. All those that practiced so hard to put on this performance really deserved our undivided attention. And what about those that did not have children with them--they deserved a performance without having to listen to kids misbehave. I know that older people are not tolerant of children and honestly i can't blame them for their opinion....I kinda feel the same way....Am i becoming old or maybe just old fashioned--i kinda like the idea of seeing children and not hearing them.....just my honest thoughts..take them for what they are worth.

Respect for ourselves guides our morals;
respect for others guides our manners
Laurence Sterne

Courtesy is a science of the highest importance.
It is...
opening a door that we may derive instruction
from the example of others,
and at the same time enabling us
to benefit them by our example,
if there be anything in our character
worthy of imitation.
Michel De Montaigne


Annette said...

LeighAnn, Are you becoming OLD? I certianly hope NOT! Smile wink wink... As A mom of older kids and a little kid, I think some times people need to think if it is an appropiate place for little ones and one truely they need to attend. Especailly if it is drawing a big crowd too. It is a hard call though. If you also have older ones and they want to go, where is the line? I don't know...

Lee said...

I completely agree with you! If my children were distracting others I would take them out. That's just a parent's job. It's disappointing, but the kids need to learn how to be respectful, too. And don't even get me started on older people's distracting habits at performances. I get really angry about it, probably more than I should.
(glad to hear from you again! sorry I've been absent. )