Sunday, December 21, 2008

front seat discussions

There are things that happen in my home that drive me crazy-- I have been told that I will one day miss these minor nuisances--I am not so sure about that--I am willing to test that theory
But in the meantime,
am i the only one that has this happen in their home?
What is it about sitting in the "front seat" that sends kids scrambling? Something so simple and yet it can lead to arguments or shall we say for the sake of harmony and love-
that go something like this in various forms.....
"I call shotgun"
"Who sat in it last?"--
"I'm the oldest so i get it"
--"that's not fair"
--"I was here first"
--"but i called it"--
"we didn't hear you"
--"doesn't matter, I said it"
--"but you were inside"
--"we weren't leaving yet"
"I'm in a skirt--I should get the front"

I love how they develop and argue their points as if they were in a courtroom trying to win a case--and when the jury of their peers (ie brothers and sisters) don't agree with their points they come to the judge for an immediate decision (ie--ME)

I have even had children go and sit in the car--early--in the sweltering heat--just for the privilege of sitting in the front--am i failing to see what the big deal is? After all I always get the front seat....

I will go on record saying my non-verbal child has nothing to do with these arguments--in fact when i try to let him sit in the front--like going around the corner to grandma's he protests--he wants nothing to do with the front seat. Those are the moments i am thankful for one child who cannot argue

I think one day i will miss this bantering about where everyone is sitting--but then again maybe not--i will have to get back to you on that one.....

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