Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Late Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve. What is it about that statement that scares me? Maybe the fact that I barely got up the tree this afternoon? Or perhaps the fact that not one present is wrapped---not that it would have done any good to have had them wrapped already because little man is really--REALLY good at unwrapping presents--even if they are not his. He doesn't care--the wrapped gift call to him to be free of their paper confinement and he happily obliges. So here we are--the kids are in bed and the dear hubby and i are staying up to wrap those gifts that the kids will actually be surprised by. The rest of the gifts are being placed in boxes and set under the tree. I thought that our years of staying up late and putting things together was over--and while we didn't do much "putting together" we were still staying up late. I think i am getting too old for this?--All i can say is thank goodness that my kids sleep in and will give me a bit of a reprieve. I think procrastinators should unite and demand a few more hours to get things done on Christmas Eve--maybe make it a 26 hour day....after all if we can add one day to our calender every four years what is an extra few hours.....

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