Monday, December 8, 2008

Mom's having a meltdown

The word foul mood doesn't even begin to touch how i am feeling today. I started feeling this way before bed last night and it has NOT improved--if anything it has gotten worse. SOOO if you try to call--don't feel bad because i am not talking to anyone today--lest my bubble bursts and everything comes spewing out. Here is the worst part--i am not entirely sure why i am in such a BAD mood. Life has had some frustrating moments the last few days. Things that i have no control over but effect my life none the less. I hate those days when you are close to tears and have no real idea as to why? Can i still blame it on hormones or am i too old for that?
Whatever the case--I am better to be left alone--given a wide berth and if my children know what is best for them--they will do WHATEVER i ask of them with out so much of an argument--a smile on there face would help and if they did it without me asking that would even be better (like that will happen--but one can wish) I hope whatever it is that is making me feel sour that i can figure it out and get on with the good life......I hate feeling this way.

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middle age mormon mother said...

I am a little concerned about you, my friend. You write about a meltdown and then you don't write. I am envisioning you melted in a puddle on the kitchen floor and if your kids are anything like my kids this is the one time in their life that they have grabbed a dishtowel and wiped that puddle up. Where does that leave you?? What if they actually went so far as to drop you in the washing machine, add other towels and soap and turn it on?? Good bye mom! Please blog so we know that you are ok. I promise I will never accuse you of eating potatoes directly from the fridge again.