Wednesday, December 10, 2008

when the going gets tough.... the tough go shopping

When one is having a bad day, there are many ways you can handle it.
  • One is to sit in a ball rocking back and forth--mumbling.
  • Another is the favorite fetal position in a catatonic state.
  • Or the third option is a girl grabs her purse and goes shopping.

I picked the last one, after all it is the Christmas season and there was shopping to be done. I figured it would be a good day at the mall thinking it wouldn't be too busy and the crowds would be small--so as to have fewer people to irritate me. I was right about it not being very busy--but that had it's drawback as well. Since i was one of a few people shopping--everyone wanted to help me.! How did i get to be so lucky?
Could they not see by the lack of eye contact--
or feel the cold shoulder i was giving them--that i did not want to talked to, let alone helped?
What about the "NO i don't want what you are selling" that was coming out of my mouth?
I felt like prey that was being pounced on.
"Yes, I keep my nails natural--no i don't want you to look at them.....I don't want your cell phone service....Do i look like i want to curl my hair?" "Hey lady....massage for you (say this in your best Asian accent) Relax you lots...Layyydieee....." And while i probably would/could have benefited from the massage or the aromatherapy pad thing-ies that they were trying to sell me--I really did want to be left alone--to stew. Just because i was in public did not mean i wanted to be a part of them. I did find a few things--for me?--nothing like a new RED purse to put you in the holiday spirit--and maybe some new sheets. The worst part of shopping when you are ticked at people is that you really are not in the mood to be generous and buy for them--so i didn't buy a whole lot--which means i get to go another day. The problem with that is... I will start out in a good mood and shopping a Christmas time can quickly change time when i want the help they will all be too busy to give it. A girl just can't win.

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