Monday, December 22, 2008

waiting for the best christmas present

Each year Christmas falls on the same date (I know shocking discovery right?) and somehow over the last few years it seems to sneak up on me. I realized yesterday that it was the Sunday before Christmas--maybe it was the children singing--or perhaps it was the choir and their beautiful songs that clued me in. Whatever the case i am starting to panic--this should be the post where i show you my beautiful tree and presents wrapped--(if you want to see that picture you will need to go to my friend Annette's blog--or drive by their house to see their amazing lights--again which we have none of--she also has a count down till Christmas--do you realize we have a little over 2 days--of course you do--I am mostly saying that for my benefit)

I should not be blogging--I have far to many things to still do--like put up the tree--finish buying the presents--wrap the said presents--laundry(forever on the list) but instead i am waiting for my sons case manager to stop by and drop off his Aug-com. What is an Aug-com you ask--well for my son it will be his chance to communicate his needs. FINALLY! We are so excited about this--it has been a long time in the coming--patience is a key word when it has come to this---and NOTHING could have made my Christmas happier than for this little punk to have the opportunity to communicate. Maybe next year he will actually be able to tell Santa what he really wants. He just brought me an "easy button" that he found in his room. Do you think he is trying to tell me something? If only the "easy button" really worked--then i would be stress free for the next few days--AHHHH, don't you just love this time of year--so much to do--and not enough hours in the day--only to have it over in a blink of an eye--Next year--I will be better--if only Christmas didn't sneak up on me so much......

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