Thursday, December 18, 2008

i love a beautiful sunset

Living in AZ we often have incredible sunsets.
Some say that it is because of all the pollution in the air that creates the beautiful colors we see. I love to just watch the sky as the sun fades into the horizon--it kinda sucks me in and leaves me mesmerized for a few minutes. Often i am so busy looking at the actual sunset that i don't look around and see how these sunsets effect the world around me.

I was driving home this evening--heading north--and I couldn't help but notice the INCREDIBLE color of the mountain in front of me. It was a salmon-y pink color. Right in the middle of rush hour traffic was this thing of beauty.! It brought me back to my childhood when i lived in Colorado and my bedroom window looked out on Pikes Peak. At the time i didn't realize what a thing of beauty i had in my own backyard. I felt this way about the mountains tonight. How often these mountains that surround me on a daily basis just look brown and dirty--nothing special--in the spring if we have had rain they turn green and stand out--but most of the time they go virtually unnoticed--but not tonight.! I was entranced with the beauty that surrounded me. I turned to the west to see the sunset that was creating this spectacle--and yet the sunset was nothing worth mentioning, it was just enough to send out a warm glow to create these incredible colors. It took me out of my rush of the day and gave me a moment to pause--reflect on the beauty that surrounds me. I was wishing i could stop and take a picture-but i also knew the moment was fleeting and took it in for what it was. I love these kind of moments--photographs of the brain--forever trapped--recalled the next time nature gives me a moment to take pause....

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