Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hallmark movies

Is any one out there that caught the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie tonight?
I can't be alone in these thoughts....
I think hallmark works all year long to find a story that will yank my heart strings.
There sole purpose in putting these movies on TV is to see how many people that they can make cry. I readily oblige them this. I try not to, but often i can find my eyes tearing up and my nose starting to run...I think the reason the stories touch me so deeply is that they are based on true stories--usually about someone overcoming adversity.It not enough for me to tear up once--
NO, i find myself doing this MANY times during the movie.Their movies have such a good moral story--makes me think about how I would act if faced with the same problems.

Some might think them "cheesy", and that's OK--these don't have to be for everyone.
All i know is that i enjoy watching them--we all have trials--some are just more worthy of a television movie than others...

Now can i talk about the hallmark commercials?
It is not enough that the movies are heart warming--
but the commercials leave me all warm and fuzzy as well.
They are sorta like small little movies-
a vignette of sorts.
Even the commercials have been known to bring me to tears.
Sometimes i embarrass my weepy self....

I was congested when the evening began-but after watching the movie, and the commercials my head is now really stuffed up. It is a good kind of stuffed. I am glad i watched--it only serves to remind me how blessed i am, and how we need to be more tolerate of others. We all are given adversity to overcome--some just manage to do it with more grace--leaving us with our mouths gaping open--wondering if we could do the same if we were faced with similar problems. I love movies that make me think--"what if".....


middle age mormon mother said...

I'm happy to know someone else used their box of Kleenex during this movie. I thought it had a great message - very motivating and thought provoking. Go Hallmark!

Annette said...

I LOVED the movie last night. I am dealing with Dean Taylor having Panic Attacks and I thought how it realted to him. That actor was so good at playing the Teretes (sp?).