Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let the wrestling begin

Today marked the first of many hours i will be spending in a gym in the next few months. It will be many hours filled with anxiety--(maybe frustration) as i watch my boy and his team take on their opponents. As many times as i have spent watching my son wrestle it still ties my stomach in knots--BIG knots.
I love this time of year.
I love seeing him improve and I love seeing him WIN.
Today he went 2 for 2 both ending in pins!!

While I don't like to see him lose--it happens and that is OK. That is a part of life. Losing can help you become a better winner. Losing can give you the desire to work harder--to practice more. Losing give you a chance to reflect on what you can and could have done differently. While i am not a fan of losing--(who really is?) it is OK as long as he did his best. I think that is why i love this sport (I know i am in the minority here) It is as much mental as it is physical. Someone will always be better than you--but on any given day things can change. Each time they get on the mat they are really wrestling against themselves. I have seen wins that i am not proud of and i have seen losses that make me beam with pride--it is all about the attitude. So if you see me from the back side and notice that my behind is bigger--just blame it on the many hours in the bleachers---We fondly refer to this as "Bleacher Butt". Oh the things you sacrifice to support your children.....

(WARNING: Object in the picture may appear
than it actually is!!!--it the illusion with the plaid!)

Remind me not to let my husband have my camera
EVER again

maybe i shouldn't have had that extra scoop of potatoes

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middle age mormon mother said...

So, my question is are you eating that exta scoop of potatoes right out of the fridge???