Monday, December 1, 2008

AHHHHH it's December 1st!

I am having a hard time grasping the thought that we are now in December. This past year has flown by--it really can't be Christmas time already?! I have no, I mean NO clue as to what to get anyone this year. We are soooooo blessed and have sooooo much that the thought of more makes me want to GAG. I have been working at purging my over abundant home--so why do i want to bring more into it? WHY i ask?

It is also hard to think of it being December when we are having unseasonably warm weather--I am not complaining--it has been really wonderful--but it does not evoke images of sleighs and mistletoe and all things Christmas. Soooooo to get into the season i present my wonderfully talented punks--I mean elves. It was tough to get them all together at the same time for dance practice--but we did manage, and this was the result. Don't judge to harshly--it was just something we threw together for family night--well not really.....

OK kids are you ready for your premiere performance???
Everyone in there places--smiles on your faces--and don't forget your parts...
(I just love being the choreographer--brings out the inner dancer in me)

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As you can see i was working with some really raw talent.
With a bit more practice-actually a lot more practice-
this is what we came up with. Can you see the improvement?
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then were having so much fun and
really started to get into the "GROOVE" of things.
Sometimes it just takes the right music to inspire you.
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During this busy holiday season
--when life gets rather crazy--
take the time to bust out in a dance.
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It will help get your blood circulating and
I guarantee it will put a smile on your face

as if no one were watching,
as if no one were listening,
And live every day
as if it were your last
~ Unknown


middle age mormon mother said...

I just don't know how you get all your kids to cooperate like that. You are totally amazing! Perhaps now you should go focus on some gift ideas.

Melanie said...

I thought the elves were great how did it change? who would do that?