Sunday, November 30, 2008

favorite meal

I love this time of year--
I love the cooler weather
the smell in the air--
blankets on the bed-
the ability to wear a sweater
and socks--
but most of all
I love the FOOD!
comfort food.
Being a thanksgiving baby
i have a real affinity for pie--
and all thanksgiving food--
But more than anything
I love what we do with the leftover turkey.

We found a recipe years ago
that has become a family favorite--
a reason to REALLY look forward to thanksgiving-
and the leftovers that come with that day.
The funny thing is though
we make EXTRA leftovers
just so we can make this meal.

This is our thanksgiving meal with our friends--
We all have family in town--
and while we love them and spending time with them
there are those moments
when you wish you spend the holiday with your friends--
so we do our "friends thanksgiving"
on the Sunday following thanksgiving--
and boy do we feast.....
First my brother makes homemade noodles

with the help of his son--kinda like the young apprentice

passing on the tradition to the next generation

it could be made on dry pasta--
but the yumminess level goes up several notches with his pasta

Then we take the turkey
(which we made extra of--just so we could make this meal)
and marinate it in "Stuff"
Broil it till it is warm and crispy
then we make a cream sauce
(how can you go wrong with butter and cream)
Pour it over and top it with peas
so it appears healthy

I love this dish

my arteries on the other hand....
are grateful we only have it only have it once a year.
It doesn't take long for the dish to be devoured

Leaving us all very full and satisfied...
knowing it will be another year until we will have it again.
Gotta love tradition---
did i mention the yummy rolls also?
And what about the pumpkin bars
or cranberry bars--
man i love our Thanksgiving alternatives....

1 comment:

Annette said...

WE LOVE LOVE this Meal! We have it too for the Sunday after Thanksgiving.... Every time we have it I can not help but think of YOU! Thanks for sharing your family Tradition with us....
Love Ya