Thursday, November 13, 2008

Freakishly cleaning

I am still scrubbing and cleaning
attached at the hip with the vacuum--

I think i am getting a bit obsessive in my attempts
(is this a bad thing?)
When i say
I mean
There is no stone unturned--
or in other words
the fridge and stove
have been moved out
sweep and mopped under--
and todays obsessive compulsive cleaning
involved my laundry room.
I actually enjoyed being in there again--
something that has not happened in a long
I mean LONG time.
I cleaned out the cabinets--
the disorganized
and eliminated junk.
There is something calming about
having a place for everything
and everything in its place.
I even cleaned out under the washer and dryer-
as well as the tops--

but my over the top
freakish cleaning took place
with me inside the dryer.
I found myself cleaning off the marks
that dried on gum had left--
and then i started vacuuming the lint trap--
apparently my lint trapping lint trap
leaves lint in the lining of my dryer.
I was sucking for all i was worth--
If you come over--
to see this clean lint trap--
disregard the over the top messy office--

(don't judge me to harshly--
I only post this picture in the event of trying to
"keep it real"
--it is my life--what can i say?)
that is next weeks project.

For today I am concentrating
on those important things you can't see.....

1 comment:

Kari Whiting said...

in the back of your office picture i can see your collection of fabric. i just have to tell you that when i was younger and i babysat for you i always loved your collection of fabric. i was always jealous. i totally wanted one of my own. well as of today i have a pretty good start of a fabric collection. now all i need is an office to makje messy with it all, i can't wait!!