Wednesday, November 5, 2008

election day flashback

let me flash back here--

Several elections ago
I was laying in a hospital room
watching the results come in.
I had just given birth
to child #4 at 1am that morning.
Even though his due date was several weeks away
I had voted by mail
on the off chance
that i would be unavailable on election day.
Since he was born on a major election
someone had asked me if I was going to name him
William, Clinton or Robert (as in Dole)
While Robert IS a family name it was not for him.
I was not excited about the outcome
of the election that day--
I was thrilled with our new little Repulican
and knew that he could be anything he set his mind to--
even President.

He is THEE only one of my children born on another day
besides a Monday--
and he missed Monday by just a few hours.

We were in the hospital on Monday night--
walking around--
finding an available TV
so my husband could watch Monday Night Football--
I wasn't in ACTIVE labor
so as i walked around
he watched the game--
It was the Bronco/Raider game--
and on the scale of big games
this was one of them for him.
(I think this might have something to do with
this punks love of all sports--
especially football---just like his dad)

At half time we walked back to be checked
and they sent us off again--
so off to the end of the hospital with the TV.
I would stroll around the couch
and periodically my hubby would call out to me
to see how i was doing--
(he's just that kind of guy.)
When the game was over
(the Broncos won)
we figured that would be a good time to cruise back--
as we tried to open the doors to take us back down the hall
to the main hospital--
we quickly realized that we were locked in.
YES--locked in that area.
What is a pregnant--in labor woman to do?
Luckily there was an elevator
which took us out to the parking garage--
so there i was in my gown and socks
walking through the parking garage at 10pm at night--
They were surprised as we passed Security--
wondering where we had come from--
they were a surprised to find out that they had locked us in
HMMM--maybe they should have checked the area
before they locked the door?
Thank goodness for the escape route
or they would have been in for a surprise in the morning.
We made it back safely to labor and delivery
and waited for a delivery room to come available--
and then this cute punk kid
made his appearance

( he didn't come out this big--
it has taken a few years to get him to this size)

I love this next picture and
Even though this picture is a few years old--
it is one of my favorite
His eyes just speak to me

this one also shows his eyes
as well as his goofy side
and one of the many wounds his face has sustained over the years

and nothing says he-man
than a boy flexing his muscles in pink sequins

He is a sweet boy
that will even give his mom a foot rub
(I think i paid him a buck a foot--but that smile was priceless)

It is hard to think of him as growing up
and then i see this
and it makes me stop in my tracks
at how quickly time is going by

and even though he is growing into a fine young man
there are still moments where he needs his mom
(that is a blog entry for another day)

my cute punk

I love you


middle age mormon mother said...

It seems there were great election day results that day! How lucky for you and for him too.

angieinpink said...

aw, tender. i love that beachy footrub picture...adorable.

all your kids are stinkin' cute & look just like you.