Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Need to get my hearing checked

Sometimes, something is said
and it makes you do a double take--
wondering if you really heard what you thought you heard.
Today i had one of those moments
that left me scratching my head
and laughing to myself.

I was at work--
my team had just gotten on the bus
(I had girls soccer)
and here comes a kid from the boys team
and he asked the girls coach
(who is also a guy)
We need to borrow your panties--
(at least i thought that was what he said?!)
I have heard alot of requests for things from coaches before
but this was a first--
And never mind the fact that guys don't usually call their underwear
I turned around with a rather perplexed look on my face
and asked the kid
"What did you just say?"
He replied
"I need to borrow the PENNIES"
(as in the practice jerseys)
I started crackin' up.
Yup--it's time to get the hearing checked.....

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