Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election day

I like so many Americans
voted today.
I was prepared to stand in line-
and yet when i got there i walked right in
cast my vote
and was out in less than 10 minutes.
I cherish this privilege that I have been given--
can I just say---
I am sick of hearing about the election today.
On every channel--
radio or TV
that is ALL they can talk about.
It is speculation--
and then there is the talk of Non-Americans
casting votes.
It has my knickers in a wad at the thought.
I could go on--
but i won't.....
I am proud of my daughter
who got up before the light of day
to go with her dad to cast her first vote.
I asked her what she thought--
how she felt.
"It was kinda boring"
was the report I got back--
I mean what do she expect--
more name calling?
Finger pointing?
Intolerance to differences of opinion.
Hanging chads--pregnant chads
voter fraud?
Or maybe voter intimidation?
Based on the projected outcome
she will be in for an interesting four years--
but I remember going to bed eight years ago
thinking it was over
and finding out in the morning that it was still up for grabs.
As i say my prayers and go to bed tonight
I can only pray that what is best for our country
will transpire......
and then learn to live with the outcome
regardless if my prayer is answered.

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