Friday, November 14, 2008

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

(Note to self--even if you think it is a good idea--don't do it)

I am somewhat of a laundry goo--rew
I read the labels
and try to be obedient to what they say--
but there are those moments of craziness
where i step outside that box
and mix it up--
ignore the label
thinking i know more than they do.

I have been washing everything in sight.
Washed the covers from the comfy chair--
and they still fit when i put them back on--
that is always a good sign.
(they were still wet--
so poor little man had to wait to go to sleep till they dried)

Pillows from my bed--
oh how nice they smell-
and plump and fluffy again--
this was a good idea.

Now the feather pillows from the couch--
Yeah--not so good.
I have washed feather pillows before--
I know that it says
Dry clean only--
but lets be real--
if i have to take it to the dry cleaners-
let alone pay for it to be dry cleaned
i might as well buy new ones--
so in the washer it went.
Let's think about this for a minute--
do ducks get dry cleaned?
Ever seen a duck in the water--
all the time--
so it seemed like a safe bet that they could be washed.
The key to making this work is the drying part--
you must be attentive to the soggy pillows
and make sure that the dryer does NOT turn off
leaving the wet pillows in a smelly heap--
Also--you might want to notice the zipper on the cover
before you wash the pillows--
there by eliminating the actual washing of the pillow--
and just washing the cover which was really what needed it after all.
Some things work--
some things don't--
After all life is about trial and error--
taking chances--
Woohooo I am such a crazy girl--
Anyone up for a walk on the wild side?
Heck maybe we'll have a pillow fight.....

UPDATE: With much attentiveness and care
the pillows were washed and dried
(had to change the setting on the dryer and run it a number of times)
the pillows turned out OK---
no dry cleaner needed here......

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