Monday, November 10, 2008

Venting my Frustrations

OK, I need a moment--
deep breath---
Breathing in.....
Breathing out.....
Now i will proceed to vent!

Can i just say--
that i really-
despise technology sometimes?
I have spent the morning
battling a software company.
We had bought some new movie software
a few months back--
and not needing it till now
I waited to download it this morning.
Just one major hic-up--
for some reason i was missing the registration #
I thought it was a minor deal--
an easy fix
but NO!
After phone calls
and computer generated circles
and a help line that was of NO help
that sent me in more circles
and left me even more frustrated,
I finally found a # to talk to a person--
to talk to the person you had to have the
patience of a saint.
(which at this point i was lacking)

I was needing to walk out the door
to pick up little man for therapy
but not wanting to give up after i had been on hold for a half hour
and knowing that at any minute it would pay off--
and I would get to speak a real person
(the key word speak)
and have my problem resolved.....
Finally a live human voice came on the line
and after me spewing my frustrations at him
(I was done being patient and kind)
I think we got the problem resolved in less than five minutes.

Now i was late picking up
little man.
The lights were all timed
to turn red as i was going through them--
(luckily none had the red light photo's)
As i was pulling into the school i remembered that i was
going to get gas before i picked him up.
My daughter had left it on empty--
I wasn't exactly sure how empty it was
but running late
i didn't have time to fill it up.
I took my chances
and as i was making the left turn into my neighborhood
my van sputtered it's last bit of gas out.
Now i am stuck trying to move a van from a stand still
across three lanes of traffic--
Can i just say the lord sends angels--
one of my friends from church
just happened to be riding her bike
and saw my plight
and hopped off to help me.
Two ladies
pushed the van
across the road--
and then little man and i
walked the rest of the way to our house.
I think i needed the walk to calm down--
cool off.
Whatever it was/is
I now have it off my chest
and i will proceed to get busy
and finish this video for the swim banquet.

After all that frustration
my oldest son says to me
"Why didn't you call me?--
I could have told you where the registration # was."
I am now about half way done with the video--
only i am using the old software-
(I had forgotten how frustrating it was--and that was why we got the new one)
because i didn't take into account the learning curve
of trying to figure out the new one.
So all that frustration was for naught--
I guess it just makes me appreciate those days
when everything does go your way.

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