Monday, November 10, 2008

Let the blood flow

It is not often
that you are happy when your children bleed.
But today my daughter came home with this.
She declared that it only took her seven minutes
to fill her gift bag of blood.
I am so proud of her--
it really is a simple act
but it helps so many.
Plus i am proud that she is healthy
and living a life
that allows her the privilege of helping others--
Not everyone can or will do it.
I love that she is learning the lesson that
Giving service--even the most simple of things
manages to put a smile on your face

Little man was concerned
at the sight of the bandage--

After he figured out that all was well
he was more interested in the sticker

My daughter on the other hand
was thrilled with the color of the bandage--
After all even when you give service it is
important to make a fashion statement.

Oh yeah--by the way
that was the reason she was unable to help me out
when i ran out of gas.
I called her when she was in giving--
but being the concerned daughter that she is
(and perhaps out of some guilt since she had left it empty)
she did call one of her friends to see if he could help me.
And he did call and would have come if i had needed him to.
Isn't that so sweet--
It gives me hope......

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