Sunday, November 16, 2008

Picky eaters

We are a household that loves food.
We LOVE all kinds of food--
and sometimes we forget
that not everyone is like that--
----like us.

Tonight my oldest was invited to a friends house for dinner
and being the dutiful mom
I reminded her to use her manners
ask if they need help
and to eat anything that was placed before her.
She laughed at that last statement
and responded that she wouldn't have any problems
because the friend she was eating with WAS picky.

We have always had the two bite rule in our home--
try it---you might like it.
And the forever favorite statement is
"you get what you get--and you don't throw a fit"

“Food is a subject of conversation
more spiritually refreshing even than the weather,
for the number of possible remarks about the weather is limited,
whereas of food you can talk on and on and on.
Moreover, no heat of controversy is induced
by mention of the atmospheric conditions
(seeing that we are all agreed
as to what is a good day and what is a bad one)
and where there can be no controversy
there can be no intimacy in agreement.
But tastes in food differ so sharply…
that a pronounced agreement in them
is of all bonds a union the most intimate.
Thus, if a man hates tapioca pudding
he is a good fellow and my friend."
A. A. Milne, ‘Lunch’ (1934)

I have learned that taste buds change
(except where eggplant is concerned)
and the way things are prepared makes a HUGE difference
(ie: brussell sprouts)
in your ability to like something.
I also feel that having an open mind makes a big difference
in your ability to like something.
As Americans we are rather finicky eaters
compared to the rest of the world--
we leave many "parts" of the animal untouched--
(and I am OK with that--since i live here---
if i was in a foreign country i would try to do as they do)
i hope that i have/am preparing my children
to be open to other cultures/food
for when they serve their missions
or eat in others homes.

I spoke with the daughter after she got home
inquiring on the evening--
they had pot roast--easy enough to like--
but she said her friend did not like gravy--
who doesn't like gravy?
Isn't gravy like a food group of its own?
They discussed the fact about his pickiness--
and she told him that he wouldn't want to eat at our house--
because her parents don't like picky eaters--
(a whole lot of truth to that statement)
I don't know what we would do
if any of my children ended up with a picky eater--
it would be a major travesty--
I would wonder where we had gone wrong in their upbringing-
it would make me question my roll as a mother and if i had failed....

liking food is right up there with....

1.being faithful in the gospel
2.treats my child well-
3.adores my child to provide support for their spouse
5.has ambition
7.plays and is competitive at "Settlers"

Can you really trust someone who won't eat your cooking?
Or be willing to try something new.....
(up to this point we have yet to poison anyone...)

I can only hope that as my children start into the courtship stage of their lives
that they will take this to heart.

can look beautiful,
taste exquisite,
smell wonderful,
make people feel good,
bring them together,
inspire romantic feelings....

At its most basic,
it is fuel for a hungry machine;..."
Rosamond Richardson, English cookery author

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Annette said...

so how do you cook Brussel Sprouts. I have some in the fridge I am preparing for tonights meal. Let me know you NON PICKY eaters...