Friday, November 21, 2008

Good propaganda

The other day i received an E-mail
about a thanksgiving lunch that my sons seminary class was having.
He was on the list to bring a dessert---
along with about 15 other kids.
I thought that was alot of dessert for a group their size.
But the real question is
"Can you ever have too much dessert?"
I say NO!
There were equal numbers bringing salad--
HMMM--must be alot of kids who like salad.
When i dropped off the dessert
I noticed that a number of the schools administration
was walking up to the church.
Thinking to myself-I thought
"That was nice of them to invite the principles and such"
When i walked in the gym was filled with tables--
(I realize now that i was a bit SLOW on the thought process)
It still was not registering in my brain-
until the bell rang
and THRONGS of students
(enough to stop traffic for a bit)
crossed the street to come to our church for lunch.
Our church put on a free thanksgiving lunch
for ALL the students at the high school!
Our doors were opened for ALL to enter--
I loved seeing it happen.
Maybe for some it was the first time in our church--
A security guard spoke with my son when he was cleaning up
He said he knew that our church did alot of good in the community and wished
that it was being mentioned more instead of the political nonsense.
I couldn't agree more.
It won't happen overnight
but maybe it made a difference today
even if it is only a small one...

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