Monday, November 17, 2008

A day lost in IKEA

Why is it
that in the pursuit of cleanliness
and all things organized--
things have to get much worse
before they can get better?

I started digging out my office today--
Heaven forbid that i would fall in there
and not be able to get up.....
I think i would have been buried alive--
For this reason it is safer to work together with someone---
the buddy system isn't just for swimming anymore.....

To truly prepare for this task---
this monumental undertaking--
I felt it warranted a visit to IKEA.
Who knew that i would spend
both breakfast (which was free)
and lunch there today?
When i finally made up my mind
as to which storage system would work best for me--
i proceeded to gather the boxes up and head for the exit--
but not before going to the "last chance" section.
Can i tell you how much I love this area of the store?
I think i was a year ago that my girlfriend and i came away
with only inches to spare in my van--
that we managed to fill with amazing deals.....
(You have to go back into this area with NO expectations
of finding what you want.)
As i cruised through the area and was about to exit-
i found the exact shelf--color and all--
that only minutes earlier i was prepared to pay full price for-
only this was about a third cheaper.
and it was already put together--
what a deal--
only one problem--
it didn't fit in the truck put together
so we still had to take it apart.

So now with new storage possibilities
i am ready to take on the room
and make magic happen.
Who knows--
maybe i will actually be able to work in there one day soon....

(pictures of the progress will soon be following--stay tuned for updates)


Annette said...

You go Ms Conqueror of Cayous!

middle age mormon mother said...

I just can't believe you would go on an adventure to IKEA without me. I bet if I had been there we would have been able to figure out a way to fit that shelf in in one piece. Gotta love AS IS!! I hope you had your camera this time to document the experience. I want to see pictures!!!