Monday, November 3, 2008

winter cleaning

I have been busy digging out--
working on another room today--
One of the children inquired
if this was winter cleaning?
I guess since we have been cooped up all summer
and the weather is finally cooling down--
where we can actually air out the house without melting
the time has come to eliminate the summer dust.
The fans are not running as much these days
and when they are turned off--
you can see the thick,fuzz like dust,
that is begging to be flung at unsuspecting people
the next time you turn the fan on.
There is a certain satisfaction of washing walls--
washing the bedding--
and adding those blankets to the bed
that have been stored away for months.
I figure at the rate i am going--
I might actually get caught up--
a rather exciting feeling--
I love when things are in order--
something my life/home have been sorely lacking lately.
I can thank my mom for this motivation-
it has been far more fun
having someone to work with-
who organizes and cleans like i do
and to boot--I enjoy her company.
Maybe when winter actually arrives this year
I might be ready--
(one can only hope!)

1 comment:

middle age mormon mother said...

Reading this makes me wish my mom lived a lot closer than she does. One of our friends has been commenting on my blog with the name "mom". Maybe she would like to step in and help me out as a real mom proxy. Good Job on the cleaning, but do you really need those warm blankets on the bed?