Sunday, November 23, 2008

The best Grilled Cheese

My kids have skills in the kitchen.
They are all accomplished in cooking something--
which is wonderful for me.
They keep me fat and happy.
Today I was hungry for something--
and knowing that we were virtually out of everything
i knew that my choices were slim--
What is a girl to do?
Well this cute punk
offered to make me a grilled cheese.

He makes a perfect grilled cheese--
perfectly golden brown
with just the right amount of butter
and then the cheese
--perfectly melted

Can i just say this was theeeee best grilled cheese
i have ever had.
Maybe the fact that i was served it in bed
made it even better.
Maybe because it was made with LOVE--
maybe because it was my "BIG" birthday
Or maybe because i LOVE this kid
that made it the tastiest....
Whatever the case--it was a great--
maybe he should now work on mastering the

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