Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Faces from the past

My computer is being cranky--
sooo while i wait for my video program
to upload--AGAIN
I figured this would be a good time to blog--

For many, many years I had family pictures that covered my piano.
Some were always there--
others would be updated as i got new pictures taken.
My children's--latest and greatest professional pictures
were housed there.
That was where i could go to stare at those
(before they became teenagers)
These pictures were all taken down
when we did our kitchen remodel--
packed away for safe keeping
forgotten about....
until now.

One of the things I did for my birthday month
was buy some new frames
to put these cherished pictures into.
It was amazing the memories that flooded
as i pulled out these pictures--
They have spent many more years in the box
than i had remembered--
I only gauge that by my most current picture of little man
UMMM--he was barely one.
AGGGHHH--where did the time go?
This is not to say that
i don't have a TON of pictures of this kid--
I DO!--
just not professional taken ones.
My second sons picture was about the time
my little bro got married--
(about eight years ago--I think)
It was during his Jack-o-lantern stage.
Thank goodness for braces--
that and he grew out of that goofy and "not so attractive stage."
It was during that time that i would say
"Honey--it's really OK
if you don't smile with your mouth open"
(I know--not the nicest thing for a mom to say--but true)

I pulled out the picture from my wedding
with my brothers and me--
Punk #4 said--
"Wow mom,Uncle Brad looks so young--like he is a kid"
Well he was.
My youngest brother was still in high school
about the same age as my child #2.
I know that time has gone by--
but sometimes it just slaps you in the face.
He also commented on the amount of hair
that several of his other Uncles had ack then.

I love having the pictures returned to their rightful place--
I love remembering the memories that surround
each and every one of them.
I love having my children interested in their past.

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middle age mormon mother said...

I'm happy to hear that you have not forgotten to celebrate your birthday month properly. Life is too short, as I'm sure those pictures you pulled out proved. Celebrate every day!