Saturday, November 1, 2008


After 7 years of wearing braces these teeth are the beautiful result
they go so well with her green eyes

It has been SOOO much fun
helping my daughter get ready for big dates.

Although it can be stressful as well--

when they doubt what you are doing with their hair or makeup.

Thank goodness that this child has finally learned to trust me--

she has learned that even though i am not a high maintenance person
that i am not someone who does my own hair and makeup every day--
I do have the knowledge and skills to make it work for her.

Now how is this for a cute couple? I love the fact that she can actually wear heels and is still shorter than her date. This is a young man who swam with my daughter on her club team this summer. They ran into each other at the city meet a few weeks earlier and decided that homecoming would be a fun first date.

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