Thursday, May 1, 2008

Laundry goddess strikes again

It has been a long time since i had any motivation to do much of anything. Just plain old tired, overwhelmed etc. etc. I have slowly been coming back and it feels so good to accomplish something/anything.!? I have been on a laundry rage as of late and i love it. (sorry that i talk about laundry so much but with a family of 7 is does occupy a large part of my life, and if ignored for even a day it can get out of hand and become overwhelming real quick} I love getting to the point where i can focus on taking the time to really doing the laundry right. I love to battle against stains. Pretty much if i can't get it out.....( i don't want to brag but if i can't get it out, lets just say it was meant to be thrown away.) I have had great success against some tough challenges in the past. Feeling up for a new challenge I took on some pants that my son wore on the trek--mind you they were from goodwill so if i couldn't get them clean i only lost a few bucks--but really it just comes down to the challenge. Just me against the stain. Here is where i started working on the left side and i decided that i should document this feat. Now the real key to my success comes from the tooth brush that i use--you don't want one too stiff and usually i like the one that has the flexible head. But for this purpose i found that Alex's worked just great--after all he is missing half of his teeth these days (OK this is one of his old ones)--[i think they frown on having your children brush their teeth with a tooth brush covered in household chemicals]This is an up close and personal picture of the axle grease that was on the pants--not an easy stain to get rid of--these pants were already treated once with your "normal" laundry stuff and ran through the wash. Notice it did not work on getting out the stain. Now for a little
Leigh Ann laundry magic.......As you can now see i replaced the axle grease with some elbow grease and a little hand cleaner and Zout.......and then some really hot water. (Even though the pants are wet you can see that the stain is pretty much gone)

and here you have the amazing pants with no axle grease on them anymore!!!


Chalk up another win for

"the laundry goddess." Really it was not that big of a challenge---now the white laundry that got washed with a RED--yes RED rug, that is anther story. Whaattt, you want me to tell you that laundry story as well?--what if it doesn't have a happy ending? Can you live with that? Maybe it will give you laundry nightmares. OK, I see you have faith in me after the disappearing axle grease so i will let you know how it ended.......
Nothing like a little bottle of magic to make your whites bright. This stuff is AMAZING!!!! I can not even begin to tell you

the faith i have in this stuff.

{Is it still faith when you have tried something and now have a knowledge of it and its ability?}

I had some dingy white t-shirts (gotta love that hard water in AZ) and then some of them had gotten splotched with that lovely red rug. I had tried my regular Pre-treatment, soaked it in bleach and NOTTA. The stains were not budging!--i figured i was going to make a large contribution to the rag pile. So with nothing to lose i filled the sink with really hot water, submerged my daughters dingy stained white dress and proceeded to pour the powder on the water. My daughters dress turned a lovely pink/purple at which point i really thought i had ruined it, but left it to soak. I came back to find that the pink/purple was dissipating so i figured i would just leave it to soak. The next morning that stained and dingy dress was the clearest white color i had seen in a long time--
It was amazing.
It was incredible.
It was another win
for the Laundry Goddess.

So i proceeded to fill the sink and submerge all the dingy whites (which also included some rather disgusting socks) and those that had gotten stained red, well actually pink and left them to soak for the night and WALLAH---white clothes magically appeared. It was amazing--I can not talk enough about this stuff. It even removed some rust stains that i had in a linen blouse. They have been there for a long time and i could not bear to part with the blouse... I thought I had tried everything to get them out and then this little bottle of laundry magic came into my life. Another laundry miracle has taken place. Now i have a bunch of white, really white shirts that have to be ironed.
Lucky me.....

I long to accomplish a great and noble task,
but it is my chief duty
to accomplish small tasks
as if they were great and noble."
Helen Keller


Annette said...

You are the Laundry Goddess! All Hail LeighAnn!!!!! I remember when I first had Taylor and You told me about this little green bottle that worked magic on spit up stain. I can not find that little green bottle any more. But it saved so many clothes. His and mine.....
You are a Wonder!

Kari Whiting said...

hey leighanne we are only here until friday/tonight. i know i wish i could stay longer, i really don't want to go but i am forced to go back and visit NC, my extended stay vacation. i'll be back at the end of the month though and for a lot longer!!!

Melanie said...

Great post, I'll have to look for some of that white bright---since our whites are not always that bright:)