Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The day started in a blur and has continued on at the same pace. Orthodontist appointment before school,{shower and shave of the legs}got little one on the bus--picked up son from the ortho and went to the school to drop him off. While i was there i registered him for his summer school class, spoke with the the guidance counselor about on line classes and then i was off to my procrastinated pre physical. I was being good and decided to show up for my appointment a half hour early only to learn that my appointment was a half hour later than i thought--so all told i was an hour early. This is not a normal occurrence in my life--I had a book with me so i sat down and proceeded to read a few lines and then i needed a short nap. That waiting thing can be so exhausting sometimes. Did the tests for my physical and i will get the results in a few weeks when I go back. HMMMM i wonder what they will tell me? Maybe i should exercise more and lose some weight? Any one want to place bets on that one? I do know that i have extremely cranky veins when it comes to drawing blood--i make the phlebotomist crazy. I warned them about what would happen when they went to draw from me--did they believe me--NO? I guess i showed them and i got struck twice in the process. After all the tests i decided that i deserved a pedicure--actually my heels were looking OH SO SCARY and i figured that it was duty to rid my world of scary looking(and feeling) feet. So i went to a new place that was closer to my house and i guess my feet were so bad that he pulled out a dremil (for those of you who are tool impaired that is like a drill with sandpaper on it) and proceeded to sand all the extra skin off my heels. {This might gross you out so proceed at your own risk} It was disgusting--there was skin flakes and pieces flying all over--but i will tell you this--my heels feel WONDERFUL and look equally as WONDERFUL. I also decided since i was cleaning up i might as well get rid of the bearded woman look--so i went for the full facial wax. [Now this was fun] Have you ever had your nose waxed? I didn't even know that i had hair on my nose--and yet i digress. My face is now as smooth as a babies butt. Here is the real benefit to getting your face waxed on the hottest day of the year--any extra wax that is left on your face quickly melts off when you go outside---OH how i am not looking forward to the upcoming heat. Well that was the morning--all about ME--well i guess i did do something for child #2.

“Enjoy life.

This is not a dress rehearsal.”

- Author Unknown


Annette said...

I love an unexpected Hour of free time. Good for you Girl!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a pretty good day to me! I think I better go get a new ped... my toes are orange and purple. I need a little break after last night. OY!