Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pioneer woman cooks

I found this blog site--can i just say two words YUM----EEEE.
{ i realize that it really is only one word but i make it work as two} I only wish that you could reach in and grab a biteful from the wonderful pictures she posts. I tried to put in under my favorites but blogger is having issues this AM--so i will leave the connection here to add to my blog later.
It makes me want to go and cook just so i can eat some of these luscious recipes. The recipes appear to be pretty simple and straight forward and she likes to use things like--BUTTER ( can you hear the angels singing--truly that was one of gods greatest feats ) Try it out--I know i will be

can look beautiful, taste exquisite,
smell wonderful,
make people feel good,
bring them together,
inspire romantic feelings....
At its most basic,
it is fuel for a hungry machine;...."
Rosamond Richardson, English cookery author

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Melanie said...

Ok I've been there, I made the chocolate sheet cake for the missionaries it was wonderful. It should be with almost 3 cubes of butter:)