Wednesday, April 16, 2008

DEEPly disturbing

What has blood shot eyes,itchy ears and a strange voice?
during allergy season.

So tonight i want to talk about something DEEP
---ummmm--- and that would be my voice today.It is funny that when you don't have anyone to talk too you forget what you sound like. After a quiet day at home i was on my way to work and stopped by Wendy's to get some lunch----
( Did you know that they are now open for breakfast? Years ago when i was a teen they used our area as a market research for breakfast--I loved it! They had the best french toast sticks with this apple dip stuff that was sooo Yummy. I was hoping that they would bring back the blast from my past. No such luck. Sorry, i rattle on and digress from my original topic) ----
Anywho, I went to order my food and out came this deep, rather alarming voice. Who was this person speaking? It was the weirdest thing--so instead of calling me Leigh Ann just call me Leigh. Kinda like a Pat--guy/girl or what. That is totally how i felt with my deeply sexy voice. Well maybe not so sexy unless i was singing R&B.
Through pride
we are ever deceiving ourselves.
But deep down
below the surface of the average conscience
a still, small voice says to us,
'Something is out of tune.'

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