Monday, April 14, 2008

Toasted and Grilled we were THRILLED

i found a soul sister on the blog. Someone who loves butter as much as i do! Just looking at the pictures of the food she makes is about enough to make your arteries clog--but I am drawn to the recipes like a fish is to water. It was not enough to sit and drool over the computer as we looked up various recipes this weekend. We (me and the kids) went to work on recreating one of the tasty morsels---and TASTY it was!!!!

Slice up mounds of meat (sorry if you are a vegetarian)

add some Toasted bread on the griddle

A lovely variety of vegetables sauteed in butter

And a little melted cheese on top of the cooked meat

And what do you get?

--An AMAZING taste sensation--

that and 5 hApPy Kids and a HaPpY husband to boot. It is not every day that i cook-but my motto is "go big or go home" Wait I am home? So maybe it should be "I cook therefore i can go to scrapbook class"--YES--that is it. After i finished lunch with the kids i skedaddled off to the scrapbook store with my 300 Trek photos in tow and worked on an album to put them in. I am so thrilled and can hardly wait to get it finished--I will be posting pictures of that feat.

" Eat butter first,

and eat it last,

and live till a hundred years be past."


Old Dutch proverb

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